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A Mother’s Influence – Society Shapers

My mother never missed a visit. She never missed a phone call. Visits occurred every other Sunday. My mother was always there to greet me. Phone calls were every Monday. My mother was by the phone waiting to pick up.

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A Father’s Influence

“As long as you are there, I am there with you.” That is a line from the very first letter my father wrote to me in prison. He proceeded to write me a letter every day for the next fourteen

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A Portrait of Lineliness

The door lock clicked as Gretta turned the key. She shoved the creaking door open with her back and pushed inside, kicking it softly closed because her hands were encumbered by two paper grocery bags. She strode to the kitchen

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Feeling Lonely? The Solution We All Forgot

New Years two years ago, I was driving home from a restaurant with my wife and two kids. A studious furrow creased my forehead as I sat in deep thought. My wife, taking notice of my expression, asked the question.

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