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Acceptable To God – The Power of Christ

Crystal and I pulled into the temple parking lot just as the sun had disappeared from the horizon. Ground lights shone upon five steeples, the twilight sky in the background. A mixture of the orange, blue, and yellow sky contrasted

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You Don’t Know What It’s Like To Be Black

“They called me…” Shawna cut off, placing her head in her hands and sobbing. “It’s okay,” Ashley replied, extending her arms. Shawna accepted the embrace. “They’re just stupid kids.” I sipped water from the drinking fountain as I witnessed the

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Registered Offender

I saw him. A mug shot clearly visible under the infamous title. I saw it posted near the cash register and immediately thought back to our last conversation. … “I believe people like that don’t deserve to live,” Maggie said.

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The Beggar and His Family

He held a sign. It caught my attention immediately upon seeing it. “Please help. I have a wife, a daughter, son, and baby. I need work.” His clothes were obviously worn. His beard ragged. His hair uncomely, long, and greasy.

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