Author: Mike Mabe

How a Father Rescued a Wayward Son

I remember the lines from the letter vividly: “Son, I hate what you did to put yourself in there. However, as long as you are there, I am there with you.” That was the ending to the very first letter

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Feeling Lonely? The Solution We All Forgot

New Years two years ago, I was driving home from a restaurant with my wife and two kids. A studious furrow creased my forehead as I sat in deep thought. My wife, taking notice of my expression, asked the question.

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God is Merciful, Not Hateful

God has, in many regards, received a bad rap in today’s world. We increasingly hear about a God who destroyed a city because He did not agree with it’s inhabitants sexual orientation and a God who flooded the earth because

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Do We Need More Shame?

In having recently published a book about my experience of redemption from prison, I have reflected on some of the profound moments I experienced along the way. One moment came the morning I was arrested and interrogated. Those who have

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Grit: Key Ingredient Of Success

What is your passion? Everyone has them, but the important question to answer is yours. What is your passion and how can you succeed in it? Angela Lee Duckworth, a prominent professor at the University of Pennsylvania, made an interesting

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